A software developer by profession, passionate traveler and nature lover. I have been clicking since a very long time however I have created a home to document my travels and showcase my work. Through my photography, my ultimate desire is to capture and showcase the natural beauty and inspire others to preserve the special place out there.

An avid hiker and backpacker, I often find myself standing amongst some of the most stunning natural scenery. I love to wander into the wilderness, to go on a road trip to national park or to just sit at the edge of a shore and watch the sunset. Visiting these wild places is a form of meditation for me where I can appreciate the incredible beauty of nature. That expression through my images, is what photography means to me. My style is not intended so much to be documented, rather it is a way of conveying the mood and my own feelings while observing and being immersed in the most awe-inspiring places at their absolute best.

This forum is open to all ardent travelers and photographers to showcase their work as well. We live in a big, beautiful world. Get out and experience the adventures!!

Thank you for visiting my presence!!

Do share your incredible photo stories as we all want to be a part of every amateur photographer’s journey and I believe pictures speaks more than words.

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#7 Tapper Wari Pora, Pattan,
Baramulla, Jammu and Kashmir,
193121, India.
Email: imran@letustravelaround.com

Imran Nazir Bhat